paper wings, reference to rise against there?
"I will endure, hide away...

I would outrun the scythe, glaring with failure"

Opeth - April Ethereal
Vredesbyrd23 - yeah, it's kind of a Rise Against reference. I'm currently working on coming up with another story that has deep socio-political meaning and connotations. lol. Rise Against rocks!

Ledzephed - ahh yes, if I had the money, I would totally take voice lessons. For now I just write it off as part of my D.I.Y. attitude.
the tone of your voice kinda reminds me of incubus. but ill be frank, you have trouble singing in key. but the guitar playin is spot on man.
Okay, so I decided to record the guitar and vocals together to see if maybe that was the problem. I'm not exactly an impartial third party here, so i would really like to know if i succeeded in solving the singing issues.

so go to www.myspace.com/paperwingsacoustic and look at the songs titled "That's Alright, it's Okay," "Break a Leg," and "Something to do When You're Bored." and tell me if i'm on key!