im new to this forum, excuse if i did somethin wrong.

Im learning to play the acoustic. but the problem is that the middle and back of my palm hurt when i play the bar chords, especially around the middle of the fret board like Dm or A etc.. does any1 knw y it is happening...i try to keep my thumb as straight as possible so i can press hard on the fret board and so i can mute the low E string.

any help will be appreciated.

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Welcome to UG

anyway...best way to approach barre chords is to practice them. The easiest way for me to learn something is by repetition. Get used to where your fingers go for each of the chords...and then try transitioning between that chord and another. A good one to work on barre chords is going from Eminor to Bminor.

Good luck
Hey Welcome to Your Long Journey of Becoming a Musician! I had the same problem starting out. What I would do is angle your wrist away from you and practice like that. Also for future reference its spelt Barre Chord.
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Barre chords are probably one of the biggest obstacles begginers go through at the begginning. Just remember its all repetition
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Keep at it, at least you can play the barr chords right man! It took me months (of non serious and extremely frustrated playing) to play them.

Remember, to keep your stamina up while playing don't strain hard. Use the least possible force to push down all the strings. This will help with overall strain in your fretting arm (yes, the whole arm) and make your fingers do the majority of the work.

It's gonna be hard, but being a musician isn't easy. In the end, it is worth it.
Been playing 4 months and I can only hold down 4 strings at the most with my middle and index finger. Only 2 string with the other 2. It's a hard journey. It takes a while to build up the strength to do it, especially on an acoustic.