Have you ever been playing guitar, not meaning to write anything but just entertain for a bit and then out of left field you play something amazing that I like to call an eargasm?

So I was jamming randomly and decided to switch off overdrive because I was practically ready to rip my hair out because every other note/chord I was striking I ended up doing a pinch harmonic after it and I wasn't having much fun.

So anywho, I'm going through some chords and I decide to break up the A sus2 chord and play the notes in a random pattern until I struck a pattern that just sang to my ears then I knew exactly where to take it from there. I played the chord pattern 3 times, then strummed the whole chord twice then let it ring out. I flipped on my overdrive then just gave the greatest metal tone to match it.

That was my self-eargasm. I wrote some of it down... Hopefully I remember the rest, that could be an intro to a kick ass song.

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