a 72'-74' Fujigen SG copy popped up on my local craigslist for $300. it is circa 72-74, lawsuit copy, and the seller says it has Maxon humbuckers,

does anyone have an info on this? think it would be worth it to go try it out?
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dunno but i've read a few good stuff about fujigen so for 300 it doesn't too bad for a project guitar or a bash around
If it's near a playable condition, you should totally buy it.

It should be a great guitar [and despite what everyone says, they are not the best, but they are very good].
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fujigen are responsible for early japanese fenders
aswell as tokais
and many other fantastic jap brands
go for it
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i don't think tokais were made at fujigen... could be wrong, though. would be worth checking out the tokai registry forum and japanaxe, they'll know more than i do.
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