So my Crate MX120R, though I've always loved it, just isn't cutting it tone wise anymore. For whatever reason it's soudning muddier and muddier, the footswitch has entirely stopped working, and I'm losing faith in it. It went from having what I believed the best tone of anyone I played with to loathing switching to my neck pickup because of how muddy it would get.

So, I'm looking at something new.
My price range that was determined by my parents if I were to go for a birthday gift/christmas/whatever would be 5-600 probably. I'm getting a job soon so I could save up and go for more than that most likely, but probably not by much.

I play everything from metal to blues-y rock with my band and then other than that I play a spectrum of alternative/hard rock/metal music so a nice crunchy gain is definitely a must.
A deep clean would be nice too.

If tubes aren't out of the question, what would be some suggestions to meet these demands?
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Peavey Classic 30 would get you nice cleans, but you'd need a distortion pedal to get into metal territory....

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Check out the Peavey 3120. It's currently out of your price range, but that should change once you get that job.