Apparently, there is an 80's MIJ HSS Strat shaped guitar made by them that I could get. How are these guitars? I've never heard of them before. Anyone know anything about them?
I've never played one but know several guys online that own them. And they all speak very highly of them. Some of the models were basically Kramer Baretta cloans that i've seen. Peter LaPlaca ran the Barrington company after Kramer went under. And I am not positive but pretty sure the overseas line was made by ESP.

You thinking about picking one up? Got pics?

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Yep, seen that model as well. It was their answer to the Kramer Pacer Custom 1.

Also the Tele model they made........

Is it good? Does it play well? How much is it worth, seeing it's in mediocre condition?
The one you posted is their lower line. Not locking trem and the Select pick ups. Not sure what that model would be worth. I use to see them pop up on Craigslist from time to time for $250-$400. But those were the models with locking trems etc.

Plus that looks like more than a finish crack on the back. So that will effect price as well.
Not sure if that one is worth picking up or not, what kind of money are we talking here? I would say that model is on par with the Striker or 100 series Kramers of the day. Also NOT all 100 series were plywood bodies like many say they were. I've owned a 610 model that was not ply. And was a great playing guitar.

Have you check eBay for completed listings? If the money is right this could be a nice player/beater. Or a project to restore, route and drop a Floyd into. What type body wood is it?
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I don't know. I just found the eBay listing tonight. Seller says they're finish cracks. They look like more than that
And it does look like an 80's hair metal/Kramer type guitar.
I asked him for more details.
You found the listing?

I asked the guy, he answered and said they are MIJ, assembled in US. I just asked him for the specs. He should answer soon.
Yeah I checked the listing. Dont know what to tell ya dude, still dont think I would go over $100. That may be strecthing it! I see he has 8 bids though. Maybe ask him what he'd take to end the auction?
Eh. I'll look for other ones then. It just seems like it would be great. The parts come from the Japan ESP factory, assembled in the US.
Well as I said you might see if he'll end the auction early, for what price. Other killer shred guitars from the time of the Kramers that go stupid cheap these days are the Peavey Tracer and Nitro models. I recently discovered these guitars last year. These come all the time on Craigslist. Also the Kramer Focus series (the 1000 series) only, go pretty cheap on Craigslist.

I have around $225 in this Focus 1000. And it just rips!

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Quote by mamosa
Orly? They're good?

The Tracer/Nitros? Hell yeah they are!

I got this Tracer off Craigslist last year for $100 shipped! Its got a Kahler Spyder tremolo! That alone is worth $100. Those are hard to find these day by themselves.

I did have to add some parts and repair the humbucker though. This is what it looked like after I got it.

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I am guessing you dont care for locking tremolo's eh? I dont care for the body on that one. But its got the right neck that I like. Those necks are very similiar if not the same as the necks on the Peavey Vandenberg signature series. But this model without the lock trem is pushing the upper end of the price range imho.
I like locking trems. I have one on my Ibby Destroyer (modded it ofc). This was the first thing that came up when I searched.
I love how he says a Kahler Floyd Rose

That last one looks kind of like a JS....
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Well some of the Tracer's have a Floyd Rose copy made by Kahler. Even the lock blocks on the early Kahler Spyder say "licensed by Floyd Rose".....so technically its listed right I think.
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Well some of the Tracer's have a Floyd Rose copy made by Kahler. Even the lock blocks on the early Kahler Spyder say "licensed by Floyd Rose".....so technically its listed right I think.

But both are patented. Kahlers aren't LFRs....
Yeah but on the base plate they say Kahler Spyder made in USA, and the blocks say licensed by Floyd Rose. Go figure ehh?

The necks on the Tracer with the head stock like mine, either reversed or regular. Are pretty thin and wide. Head some compare them to a Wizard neck. If you see a Tracer with a head stock other than that the necks are totally different to me. Much thicker C shape. I prefer the ones like I have.
I'll play anything, any neck shape really. The neck on my '87 Kramer Pacer Deluxe feels like a baseball bat at times and its my favorite guitar.
I only have around 8 or 10 now.
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I've owned many guitars over the years. A few I regret trading/selling off, but I keep the ones I like. I kinda like the ones that fly under the radar so to speak. The ones that many dont know about....like the old Peavey, Westone guitars and the like. Kramer, Charvel and ESP are still my favorites though.

Drives my wife nuts too, but I have a separate room in the house for "my junk" as she calls it. My little collection is nothing really. I know some guys with over 50 Kramer guitars alone in their collections. Not to mention the Charvel, ESP and Jackson and Fender and Gibson....guitars they have as well.
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What kinda budget you got? Or are you just GASing for something?
Don't really have much of one. I guess maybe $200 max. I'm mainly just GASing and looking around. If something great comes up, I may be forced to buy it.....
Well I then say keep a look out on Craigslist for a Kramer Focus model....remember, the 1000 series only! Stay away from any other Focus models! The Focus 1000 is more or less the same as a Baretta, the Focus 2000 an Imperial, Focus 3000 a Pacer Deluxe etc. You can find mucho info on vintagekramer.com or PM me. I will be happy to help out. The Focus line went up to the 8000 model which was a bass. Generally the 1000, 2000, 3000 and 6000 models are very common and decently priced.

Hope I helped in some way.....
You did. But I really have to stop going around eBay and CL without money. It reminds me of the time I passed up a Navigator for $500 and my ****ty Spider III