*Snow Drop riff*

Your cuts are dripped in dry ice to take the cob webs off your mind
...Laila, as the desert races you put my face on the tracks.
My skin flakes off to feed the fishes drowning in the sunrise.
Oh Laila, tuck me away in my bed...made out of, copper heads and cement(oh you know what I like)

*Chords come in*

Like a black dove on a beer stained honey moon
I thought love was a soundtrack on an afternoon
Like a white wife drinking heroin from a plastic spoon
I thought love was a premature baby born to soon

*Black Dove riff*

So like a hooker I mediated with my trickle lips
(But it's a shame you have to leave, it's a shame you have to go, I've got all the time to be what you've always wanted)
An infants rattle never sounded so good...
****ed up like the neighborhoods favorite prostitute
(The sirens prepare to take flight, the gypsies laugh in the night, the rain is ready to snow, Laila is ready to go)

*Music cuts out*

And Laila say's she's ready to sleep but not until your finished fixing up her new teeth
And Laila say's she's ready to go but her tits are too ripe and she's dressed like a vietnam hoe

*Build up*

You say it's dangerous but you rip off her cloths
(And she whispers to you "yeah I want it")
You say it's dangerous until she rips off your cloths
(And she screams in your ear "yeah I want, yeah I want it!")

She sucks your face off then she vomits up your nose and you shiver in the corner but she's never letting go!
And your palms are turning sweaty and your sweat is turning black while she's screaming about how she loves you and your never going back!
All the neighbors yell and shout for the new lovers last dance but the cops are running in circles like a baby without it's head!
And you wrap a noose around your neck and kick until your dead but Laila brings you back to life to start all over again!

*Laila, Oh Laila Bridge*
*Snow Drop 2.0 riff*

Like a widow on her perch, I thought love was just a sin
Like a rainbow made of dead skin, I thought love was like a thread
Like a fresh pair of lovers with knives in eachothers back, I thought love was ice thin
Like a portrait of a skull shaped flower, I thought love was like wet cement