i'm thinking (nothing serious yet) about buying a new guitar, i'm looking for this

-Hollow or semi-hollow body
-Thick sound (it's going to be used for jazz tones)
- fixed bridge

something along the lines of an epiphone sheraton or casino, ibanez artcore or a gibson/epiphone ES.

Budget is $600 or maybe $650 on a stretch
Hollow Bodies are sexy and are so much fun to play when your the kind of dude who dosen't always plug in to an amp. I have an Ibanez artcore and I'm real happy with it, but Epiphone's would also be a good choice.
epiphones are nice, gretsch too, or PRS has the SE custom semi-hollow, which is really cool but maybe not what you're looking for. plus it might be just out of your price range



Epiphone is great for lower budget hollow/semi-hollow. ES-anything seems overpriced by Gibson, where the money you spend gets your further tone and playability wise with a Gretsch.
I have always wondered if the Artcores play as nice as they look... They look best with a blue finish though I think.