<- In the profile, called "Cold Summer." (D'urr)

So this is a little tune I had in my head. I had just finished listening to a plethora of jazz musicians and I wanted to kind of make something out of what I heard and I wrote this I guess. To me, it has obviously RHCP influences but I really like it and think it's a pretty chill song.

Recorded through Line-In, using AC30VT Vox Valvetronix and an Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Standard I think. Cheap stuff.

It's guitar only because well, I have no band and my friend hasn't laid down any drum tracks for any of my songs yet.

But anyways, tell me what you think. C4C of course.
listening to all the music and genres you listed i had high expectations, and i was not dissapointed, it seemed very naked without any other instruments, it would sound extremely good if made into an all out song. the recording quality was alright, but listening to it, i think how amazing it would sound with frusciante's tone. it is very chill, with a bass and drums it could be a pretty great jam, but again it seems naked. The guitar work is solid and a good base, but developed this song could be great, so you should try and do it yourself or collaborate with someone bc its a good tune.

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