I returned my raven although I did like it though I want a tube amp cause after hearing one at my friends house it was awesome. I'm looking at the b52 could you guys recommend me some? Oh I thought the raven was ok with pedals that's why I bought it buy the distirtion on it's terrible and I don't need 100 watts I'd rather crank 75 tube watts.

Budget: not over 350 hopefully under
Will go used if I can find one
Play metal
Tube or solid state mostly tube
For: fooling around with my friends practice jamming and 10-20 people gigs.

From now on I'll take your advice so often. Please don't rant about how much you hare me. I'm sorry and learned my lesson
You'll need no where near 75 watts if you go tube. I have a 20 watt, and I can only turn my volume up to just under 3 with my gain over 5
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