sooooo i have a fender mim hss strat. startin to customize it a little. added a killswitch instead of second tone knob, stuff like that. now im working on looks. i know a poly finish doesn't relic well, but im just doin light stuff.got a screwdriver and chipped the paint off and dug in to the wood alittle around the edge. and light sandpaper to take of gloss finish. im thinkin on maybe spray painting something white on it above the picguard. almost like tom morellos soul power.

some cool word or phrase. dont know yet.

but how would i do this? would spray paint even work? i was thinkin out make what i want out of tape. like the tape covers all but the word. then just spray it in? would i need to do a clear finish or something over it?
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yup, you'd need some kind of clear finish on it if you dont want them chipping/ rubbing right off

also: pics?

I haven't done it all yet. tomorrow im doin the sanpaper gloss. the killswitch i took out and am gettin a new one soon, because the old one was crappy,

and i've only done one edge. on the right horn. i dont want to do much relicing, cuz it looks gay kinda to try and relic a poly guitar. im just scratchin into the wood at a couple of edge spots