Im doing my speech at school on iPod's/mp3 players. I have the middle and end sorted out, and I think i'm making a lot of good points, but I cant thing of a good intro. My teacher says I should do something like starting the speech listening to my iPod, then say something like "Oh, I didn't hear you there". But I can't find a way to make it not sound cheesy.
Anyone have a good first 1 or 2 lines?
ever seen this before? *holds up mp3 player*

yer damn right ya have. punks.

theres your first 2 lines
iPods (PAUSE) We all know what they are, and most of us have one. It’s so easy to just plug in, and forget about all your worries and… bla bla bla

Any good?
Wait, I did some more-

iPods (PAUSE) We all know what they are, and most of us have one. It’s so easy to just plug in, forget about all your worries and listen to your favourite music. It all seems so easy, but there is a darker side to it as well. I’m sure you’ve all heard that iPods can damage you hearing, but do you know how serious this can be?

Points to make-

How would you survive long trips?
Easy access to music

Hearing loss
Drives teachers crazy
Normal life seems boring
Okay, this introduction would need some preparation, but I garuantee its success.

Find an old record player from the 80's in a charity shop for a few bucks. Then bring that, a CD, and your iPod into class.

*Drop record player onto desk, make sure it THUMPS* (This is to get people's attention)
"In years gone by, if one desired to listen to music on the move, they'd need to do this!"
*Put record player in backpack, with headphones around neck and long extention cord running to wall*
As you can see, this was not the most... convenient.. way to do things. Soon however, the invention of the CD made portable music a much easier thing to acomplish. Making this *gesture toward backpack* a bit unneccesary. Unfortunately, the need to store perhaps hundreds of CDs became a hassle, until the advent of the MP3 Player. *Hold up iPod*
So, we won't need these anymore. *put CD into backpack with record player, then hit it with a bar repeatedly/throw it out the window/against the wall/spectacularly destroy it in another way*

*rest of speech*
^ That's good!

Another option for you:

Hold up the iPod/mp3 player, and say "how many of you have one of these?"

When everyone (should be everyone) says yes and nods, yell "CONFORMIST BASTARDS!" at them.

Then continue as normal.
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