ok im customizing my guitar. addin some stuff physically and just looks. but im kinda wantin to write something on my pickguard.

Im thinkin with spray paint or something write like "gravity" or something in the manner of tom morellos soul power guitar.

but for pickguard i was kinda wanting something simple in sharpie. kinda like billie joes "BJ" on his in red sharpie. no i dont really like him but that was in example.

whats something i could use? a cool nickname or something. since i know yall can come up with something im just wanting ideas.

my name is Nathan Patrick Lamb if you can think of any thing cool with that.

just wantin some ideas.

ill probably post in pit also since they're creative
Lamb Chop?
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Combine post two and three, well, change three around a bit.

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haha no i had some ideas. i was just wonderin if yall came up with anything good. plus, you can always replace a picguard pretty cheap if you absolutely hate it.

i think im doing "CHOPS"

would i just do it in sharpie, and spray the pickguard with clear coat of something?
just pick your favorite song, and write the lyrics out kind of small-ish. do it cursivey and sloppy kind of and it'll end up looking really cool. maybe write it in red and try some black shading. could be really cool. just make sure you write it small enough and it'll turn out really cool.