My question is this. is it possible to connect a laptop to the foot pedal plug on an amp? What I have in mind is taking to cables male jacks on both ends, plugging one into the mic and the other into the headphone slots of my laptop, then using a splitter to bring them together at the end. I would then take the end and plug it into the back of my amp into the foot pedal input. My laptop has amplitube on it. In theory it should work as a pedal.. right?
What? Do you mean the FX loop? Yes, I suppose you could use Amplitube as an effects processor in the loop (like a pseudo-rack) but even with very low ASIO latency, 6ms or so, it might still be too much of a delay.
so you mean plug your guitar into your laptop mic jack. Then take a wire from the headphone jack to your amp. If thats the case, you need to turn down the l/O Buffer sample size.
It will sound bad unless you get a decent interface for your laptop.
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