Hey Guys,

For the past few months I've been composing this piece of music.
The song is semi-finished and now I'm seeking some criticism.
There are a few parts of the song which needs fixing, for example:

- The vocal track is a rush job, recorded in Adobe Audition w/ voice reduction and distortion filters.
- The solo has alot of out-of-pitch bends.
- Also I think the drum track needs fixing w/ fills/breaks.

Anyways here it is:

Title: Ragnarok
Song Synopsis: World Destruction
MP3 Sample: Click Here


it's getting too dark to see
in a world of dying need
consternation ri-

can barely live to breathe
why can't anyone hear me?
death is on its way


with these dreams

everything's a dream
everything's a scene
to do

the darkness in your fears
the sorrow in your tears
you do


the earth is going to shake
and death's the new cliche
don't know if I can take

the terror of fear and hunger
will reign like external thunder
death is on its way

[CHORUS] (repeat)

Any criticism would be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks in advance.
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Whats the point of this song? Is it what someone would feel if the world was ending? Also explain external thunder. Also to have a terror of fear sounds like your afraid of being afraid. Finally my last question would be what is the hunger for? Or is it literally hunger for food?
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hey Nike-Man,
Thx for the speedy reply.

The songs synopsis I always referred to was World Destruction, like a doomsday setting, or a unforeseen risk to human civilisation.

Do you really think this song is worth selling? ... wow