Just a simple question really..

Which is the bridge and which is the neck?

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Oh... Well thing is I found one pickup out of each set... Can they be used as bridge or neck? Or just one or the other? 'Cause I'm looking for a bridge pick up for my Jackson King V
"We programmed in death...A thousand needles lie here to inject their lies."
yeah, but you can't combine actives and passives. So if you have a passive in the neck you can only have a 2 way switch which switches between the two - in other words, you can only have one on at a time
the AHB2 is made as a bridge pickup. the AHB-1 has a sticker on the back(usually) that says "B" or "N".
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AHB-1 is the normal blackout, there is a bridge and a neck version.
AHB-2 is the metal blackout, which is bridge only and is ridiculously overpowered.
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