Bad luck to Goolz and Jilax^ in the last round, here's the line-up for the final:




Each finalist will require to enter two tracks, with three weeks to record.

Deadline Sunday 19th July

As always, good luck!

Here's the updated chart of what's happened so far:

The voting will be open for 2 weeks on this Ze, so it'll hopefully attract a few more votes like the early rounds did! Great to hear about your time at BB in the other thread, put up some pics if you have any!
Yeah good luck guys. I can't wait to hear these guys play, I missed the voting on the rounds before this but I won't this time.
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Strawforest, do you have any ideas for your tracks yet, so we could maybe coordinate genres/styles at least a little bit? I'm up for anything really. I might do a blues track and a fusion/straight up jazz track.

Also, we should get in touch with a mod who can sticky the voting thread once it's up and running.
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Good idea with the sticky, I'll request from the mods before the poll goes up.

I've not thought much further than doing two contrasting styles of blues. I'll be honest that I only occasionally play any sort of jazz, although I could tinge a track with it. Thinking whilst typing, yes I'll more than likely do a jazz/blues track and a straight blues track.

Should be very interesting (wish I owned/played a sax to add to the mix)!

I'll keep you posted as things develop if you like? I was aiming to do a cover of Jigsaw Puzzle Blues last round, but ended up picking up a slide and doing something different. My mood (and my own limitations) dictate what what gets recorded...

P.S. I'm actually excited!