Happy 3:00am from me. I love waiting out my hangovers.

Full suit
with taught laces
you find yourself handing out
your relation.
a portrait of
a living beast -
tall statured half man,
full of greed.

Folded neatly
into your clothes
the starch seams
confirm repose
for those
that confuse
value with worth -
live first,
remember martyrs die alone.

You see it spinning
a lathe for your grind
pulling you deeper
consuming your time
between lines its concealed
until feelings subside
and you've nothing but empathy
to sustain your drive

feel for your brothers
and trust at a level
to hate it together
and scream out the devils
you try to pull eyes
but you fear shaping sand
they just cant see it's normal
to be happy like mad

erring on
the side of systems
raised by tyrants to be
survived by victims
be the wisest
with what you sew
feed the masses
and crowded souls

Cutting ties like
cutting checks
turning tables like
turning heads
fooling sinners
makes for games
crafting pieces
to salvage fame