So I really need help for this song. It's 'Who Me (Early Version)', as found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVSWxlixmpY
Now I can get the first bit fine, but once he picks up the pace, I'm completely lost.
It's stuff like this:


The diminished arpeggio run stuff I'll be able to learn, but this style is completely new to me.

If I slow it down a lot, I can sometimes get it, but I'd like some technique excersises and practices that can help me learn this kind of playing. (Please, no M37r0nome! crap, I'm using one).

And I know this song is really difficult for someone who has never played it before, so if you have songs similar to this style but easier, please recommend them, and I'll be glad to learn them.

Thanks loads.
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Wouldn't it be pretty doable (at least if you get it up to speed) to just use your thumb + ring finger on the e-strings and index + middle finger on the G and D-strings? That way they are in position all the time. ^^

However, I'm just guessing, so I bet there will be better answers soon.

I don't have any exercises though.. But if you can do it very slow, just speed it up when you're good enough at the current speed.

Edit: Maybe you're not even asking how to play it, but only asking for exercises.. If that's the case then this post is useless.
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Yeah, but then some of the notes change a bit, the stretches get weird, and you have to use a pick later on. :P

And to your edit, I'm open for both answers.

Anyone else?
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
Sorry for doing this but....

will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
Chet Atkins is known for this technique.
his mister sandman is layed in a similar way.
but it's not easy at all.
i know you know this , but play slow and build up speed.
that's all i can say