Is it much of an upgrade from a Schecter Omen 6 FR? They are asking $400 Australian dollars I like the viper body shape and I really want a guitar without an FR. They also said it has an EMG pickup which I assume is a 81 but it doesn't really matter because I would swap it out for an Ormsby handwound or a Seymour Ducan JB then coil tap it (since it only has 1 pickup and 1 volume knob). So it isn't really a matter of is it better, providing it isn't a downgrade I will buy it.
do you really need to purchase it? and have you played it yet? and would i be right in guessing this is the model off perthbands?
Yep it is the one on perthbands. The topic only went up recently so I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

I do kind of think I need to buy it because I am really getting sick of my floyd and I am getting tired of the strat shapes, I have always loved the SG/Viper shapes.
eh if you really like the SG shape then a bit more cash you could get a epiphone G400 since i'm not too sure about the mc-200 quality but try it out and see how you like it
The G-400 I'm not really a fan of, I don't know why but at $600 it seems rather pricey considering I can get a Epi LP Custom for that price from my friend.
err where the **** does your friend work? $600 is a bargain compared to what kosmic are wanting.
He bought it new on ebay (fully checked if it is a fake or anything) for $700, he played it a few times then swapped to acoustic so he wants to sell it to me for $600.
LP of course, the ltd doesn't quite cover the same amount of ground that the LP will be able to and i like the look of the LP more.
Fair Enough then. I'll ask my friend when he is looking at selling it. He is thinking of getting either an ormsby or maybe a MiA tele. I'll ask him about it.