What effects can I use to get the AC/DC, Angus Young sound?

Preferably boss If you guys can give suggestions
4 step plan =

1. get an SG.
2. get a marshall amp.
3. throw out all effects.
4. learn ACDC
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angus dosnt use pedals, i read it in an interview, just get a marshall amp.
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The only effect Angus ever used was Reverb.

Guitar (preferably SG) -> cable -> marshall tube amp

Boom, AC/DC tones.
If you have the cash to spend on a new amp get the Marshall JTM45! It's expensive sure - but I think he uses it in the studio and cranks it for his distortion. If you don't want a new amp there's a few pedals you can get to try to simulate the distortion he uses. The Zvex Box of Rock is designed to make the sound of a JTM 45 for example.
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