Hey ya peeps,

I have no idea bout wireless kits and I really need 1 for obvious reasons.
Thats why im askin every1 out there. I've been lookin at these ones (below) and i think they look quite gd but as i say, i know nothing bout it.


Before any1 says, i know they r practically the same but thought i'd put them both up. This thread is so that i cant see if these are any good as wireless systems go. So post what you think of them and how good the value for money is.
Also feel free to suggest any other but bear in mind im not made of money lol.
Im looking round that price range or lower.
Thanks for your help
Yeah those links are broken, but I can highly reccomend this wireless system to you:


It's £130 and very good for the price... I owned a £70 t.bone wireless from Thomann and took it back after hearing the difference in this similar-priced system. I use the Trantec for nearly every gig I do, it's had no interference or noticeable noise problems... It's not the most advanced piece of wireless kit available and so it will colour your tone slightly, but it's really not noticeable unless you have a very sharp ear for tone difference, it still keeps a natural tone regardless though, no fuzz on cleans or that annoying hum on distortions.

Hope that helps matey