Basically this thread is about what i should get next... preferably a new pedal or something.
First off my setup is a Roland cube 30x, with a digitech distortion factory 7, and a fender telecaster MIM and a schecter omen extreme with a floyd.
I'm considering selling my DF-7 as i only really use 1 of the models out of the 7.. the metalzone one..
I have a few hundred.. maybe $400 to burn.. but i don't want to get a new amp because I'll wait till christmas for that.. so for now just a new pedal or something. Amp has some onboard effects.. so if i change my DF-7 and get another distortion pedal or something I'll get ANOTHER pedal ontop of that.. if you understand that :S
I'm thinking along the lines of electro harmonix metal muff to trade + maybe some else EHX.. i hear they make good pedals so.
Keep the money, save till xmas
buy awesome new amp.
profit (sorta)

I know its' hard but good amps cost a good chunk of money. Just deal right now with what you have. You have two guitars and a not terribad amp at the moment. Learn the ins and outs of making your instruments shine and sound good on a bad amp in the mean time...then get blown away by whatever you end up buying.
Keep the money, save till xmas
buy awesome new amp.
profit (sorta)

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I sorta just want a new pedal... maybe something with a cool different sound to it that'll make good stuff sound even better.
And I'll get whatever amp at christmas.. so saving up now won't effect it at all.
I'm really thinking getting a big muff... I'll try one out but i listened to some smashing pumpkins (one of my fav bands) songs and they use them.. and it sounds pretty amazing.. i don't know how well it would work for regular rock like bloc party/foo fighters etc or even more metal stuff..
or I've heard good things about ibanez tubescreamers.
just so you have a generality on price differences from aus to wherever you are.
the EHX big muff USA is $240AU and the Ibanez ts9 tube screamer is $285
Also liking the EHX small stone phase shifter.. sounds pretty sweet but I'll try some of this stuff out first.
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I'm not too familiar with the Smashing Pumpkins (guilty as charged) nor any of the bands stated as far as gear and overall sounds. And, earlier, I was under the impression 400$ held its' worth a little more

Small Stone kicks a lot of ass.

I'm a blues-rock-funk guy and I wou;dn't be able to live without a good wah wah. ANY Wilson wah would be pretty epic to have. I like the Ten Spot II the most.

Maybe look into a Whammy pedal (uber crazy **** but its' pretty limited to lead in practical application. Great for bassists too!). Look to Wilson if you want other harmonizers but the whammy is great plus it has a wide variety of wham/harmony

Big Muffs are great but, in the end, very limited in its' tone. GREAT but they only sound like other big muffs mostly. Same idea with the tubescreamer, but I have rarely seen people buy a tubescreamer and only use it sometime. Friends and I either always have them active or never, the added tone is either built into our EQ or not and just boosting makes it sound a little out of place. A GreenScreamer/Sonic Boom would be more in your alley if you just want a booster for boost purposes.

I have limited metalish tastes and therefore don't know what effects they'd prefer, but you can never go wrong with a delay or chorus either. Voodoo lab makes a pretty kickass chorus so I hear right in your pricerange if yo can save a little longer. EHX makes one that costs less that I own which is great (clone theory) as well and gives you a vibrato to play with and a makeshift flanger if you adjust the vibrato setting to low depth high rate of change.
Get a line 6 pod xt with a FBV express pedal. That's like loads of pedals in one. Good quality too. I'm not from AUS so i'm not sure if that's in your price range?
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thanks for the detailed response manhangi!
so you reckon a wah is important in any guitar players arsenal? i can't picture using it THAT much. The small stone is $260 btw.. we don't exactly get things cheap in aus
I know what you mean with the big muff and tubescreamer.. they're good at what they do but they don't have a huge amount of ability to change their sound. That's what i got my distortion factory 7 in the first place but i find myself only using 1 channel on it so.. and that's the boss metalzone but yeah i hear muff and tubescreamer are much better.
Oh matt, the pod xt is $800.. little out of my price range XD haha
No problem man.

Wah is important to any funk players' arsenal or classic rockers arsenal or a blues-rocker. Hendrix, SRV, Paige, among SO MANY OTHERS used wah pedals so frequently and so well that it became built into their system. I've rarely seen metal players use them very much, though. BUT if you're not gonna use it often, don't buy a nice one.

As far as the muff nd screamer, don't think it'll be really static and the knobs don't mean ****, just know that they aren't the most versatile items in the world and if you're trying to get Mudhoney fuzz out of the Big Muff you're gonna have a hard time.

You might like the Phase 90 (MXR/Dunlop) which is a phase shifter. Just one knob to adjust how fast it sweeps. Its' very versatile speedwise but the sweep is pretty static, you can't adjust where the highs and lows start and end and all that. good for that swelling feeling on a mid speed sweep, for a subtle change in your riffs without changing the notes being played on slow sweeps and for bat**** insane sounding solos with the speed cranked.
Yeah i don't play purely metal... i have 2 gtrs, 1 in drop c and 1 in standard... the standard one i play anything from led zeppelin to bloc party to chili peppers... and the drop c guitar i play mostly metalcore stuff like parkway drive, august burns red, etc.
So i do need something that will be able to give me some good heavy distortion, but then be able to bring it back and just get a cleaner distorted sound.
Listen to hummer by smashing pumpkins, that's basically what i assume the big muff would sound like because they used one for that album, which is sweet.. but maybe not as versatile as i would like.
Maybe I'm just expecting too much from 1 pedal :P

also the phase 90 is the same price as the small stone phaser $260.. but the analog phase shifter is only $200 :S
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Someone said get a big muff with tone wicker? :S
whatever that means... any insight?
Also i might consider a pedal board.. like a pod.. a floor pod plus runs $400AU just so you can get some estimates on price differences.. or a korg AX1500G for $500AU
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