Hey UG.

In the not too distant future i intend to get an electric guitar (i play bass) but the problem is i don't know what to get cause i don't have much experience with playing electrics just acoustics and there are guitarists out there whose sound i like but i don't know if its possible to get one guitar to play all the styles i want.

So i was wondering what guitar would best suit my needs!

I've done some research into it now and on one hand i like the jazzy sound of Eric Schenkman from the Spin Doctors heard here:


and the sound of Thor Eisentrager from The Cows heard here:


Now i know that Eric plays some sort of customed guitar possibly a customised strat.

seen at bottom there.

I don't know what Thor plays cause information on the Cows is hard to find out.

So i like that sort of style but at the same time i want to play metal and hard rock aka Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and then Metal aka Helmet and The Melvins.


I'm pretty sure Buzz played a Les Paul Custom on that on the album version.

So what i am getting at is what guitar can i get that i reproduce both of those sort of different sounds on?!?

I originally though at Epiphone Les Paul but i heard it wasn't good for suiting that Spin Doctors sort of sound but now i am thinking a Stratocaster but when i heard the Stratocaster it didn't sound like it could be able to play metal all that well cause it was a bit too bluesy.

Any advice appreciated.

Get a Fender Standard HSS Strat. That sounds about right. You can get a good metal sound on the bridge pickup or a lighter sound using either of the others.
No i don't have an amp yet i need to get one.

I don't want to fork out loads on it either.

I guess i could spend about £500+

It's however much i earn at work which is about £300 a month.


Yeah that Fender Standard HSS Strat sounds good. I'm going to the US tomorrow so i may try one out over there and if cheap enough get it delivered or just buy it here.

What amp would you recommend as well?
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