I really like my Warlock, its a good guitar and for the price I paid it feels really good when playing. However, I feel like its a bit stereotypical. I'd like to make it more MINE, and sure I know that an alt. paint job would do it but that is a lot of work and I'd like to know all options before I start planning on customizing the guitar.

Adding decals and stickers is another way to make it look good, or coat it in newspaper or something similair.

I'm quite fond of transitional colours (as in, colours that blend with each other) but not when using the whole colour spectrum, which kinda makes it go psychedelia/hippie. I could state the the pink/orange/blue combo kicks you and your mothers ass but that doesn't really help when coming up with ideas since then you could just say that I should paint it.

What I want to do is find my own style and apply it to the guitar, but to do so I want to explore the mediums that exist for guitar customization.
stickers on a warlock will just make you look like a complete noob, go for a decent paint job, or one of those colour-swirl-dip things.
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Chainsaw the horns off.

But do it on stage for added cool.

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stickers are for nubs
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stickers are for nubs

Unless its actually good custom stickers, which was what I was going for.

The horns are quite a bitch, they keep getting scratches and ****. So sawing of them could be an idea.

How hard IS it really to do a custom paint job? I've had experience with spray cans before and I know how to follow a good guide so, it might be just a design thing.
Those swirl dips sound like they might be up your street, or a busrt - but IMO a burst on a warlock will look pretty bad unless you vineer the top, stain it and then put the burst on to cover the join - even that won't look brilliant.

A white walrock with a red cross on it (medical style cross) about 4" across would be cool - do the headstock to match.
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or one of those colour-swirl-dip things.

Could you elaborate on that?
That's the "color swirl dip thing."
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Paint the bevels a contrasting color
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But that just feels incredibly cheesy. I'm tempted at doing the newspaper-coverage thing actually, its kinda neat.