alrighty, so in august me and my family are flying down to colombia for a few weeks. since i probably wont be able to bring my electric and amp along ive decided im going to buy a new acoustic guitar!
i really, really needed a new one anyways. but, since i wont be playing it too often, i dont think ill be needing something like a top of the line taylor
i guess 300-500 USD is my price range
anyone have any suggestions? acoustic-electric would be nice if i dont need to buy an acoustic amp

oh and since i would be flying down there, will the guitar hold up alright on the flight down there and back?
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Well, you don't NEED to get an acoustic amp, but it WILL sound better. However, the only reason you need an A/E is if you're gonna gig with it.

The guitar will be just fine in a flight situation as long as its tucked away in a nice hardshell case. Something like Gator, Road Runner, SKB, Musicians Gear...something with a nice soft interior that feels solid.

As for suggestions, I'll agree with both of the above suggestions. Here are a couple of brands, sorted into your price range on Musician's Friend, that are definately worth a look. Now, before you go off and look at the pretty guitars, remember that when buying an acoustic guitar, you need to make sure the guitar has AT LEAST a solid top. How can you tell? If the item description doesn't say SOLID next to the wood, its laminate. Now then, on to the list...


Epiphone Masterbilt


If you can stretch your budget to $550 for the guitar, you can get THIS BEAUTY

And remember, suggestions here are to give you an idea of what you're looking at. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! No acoustic is going to be the same as another one of the same model. They're very touchy instruments.
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For guitar suggestions, what Natrone said was good.

You should try calling your airline and ask them if they'll allow you to carry an acoustic guitar on board with you. If they do, it'll probably count as your carry on luggage, but at least you'll be able to know where it is and how it's being treated.

If not, get a hard case. Do not loosen the strings as some people may suggest. To prep your guitar for the flight in the luggage bay, you'll need to stuff the headstock area with lots of newspaper. The key is to make sure that the headstock can't move much in the case. It needs to fit very snugly. The main cause of damage on flights is the headstock or neck snapping.

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