I really like the music used in Enfiserum. I love the flute or whatever they are using, Its a really special and very good music. The think I will ask you for is a band who screms less than the vocalist in enfiserum becuse i think clean vocals is nicer than growls.
I dont mind if they scream some sentences or something, but i would be glad if they screamed less than enfiserum. Show me your favorite folk metal band who sounds simmilar to enfiserum

Thank in advance
Hammer Horde

Also, next time, there's a thread at stickied at the top of the page for this

Edit: you'd probably like wintersun too

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OR you can just listen to Wintersun. Founded by the previous guitarist/vocalist that does less screaming and more singing. It's better than Ensiferum, in my opinion. Eluveitie is good, too. But their newest album is all acoustic stuff. Slania is their album where it's all good.
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