I have put on tabs before, but one time i put a tab in and the next day it was denied so I looked at the tab and it was all jumbled up and everything was out of place. Then yesterday I put another tab in and it did the same thing. Is someone messing with my tabs? Or am I doing something wrong, but I did all my tabs the same way before...
Your lines are probably too long. Don't forget about word wrap.
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Click preview before you submit it because maybe like Oddpod11 said your lines are to long

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This, atheists talk about religion more then religious people.

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Your lines are probably too long. Don't forget about word wrap.

What does "Slurve" mean?
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What does "Slurve" mean?

according to google:

# The slurve is a baseball pitch in which the pitcher throws a slider as if they were throwing a curve ball., Popular Mechanics, April 1997. Accessed July 6, 2007. The term is derived from a portmanteau of "slider" and "curve".

# A slow, big-breaking curve ball

just type define:slurve into google in these situations and it will give you definitions.
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