I've had my Fender Acoustic for about 2 years now but every time i change the strings they feel worse than the last set.

what are the most comfortable guitar strings out there?
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Elixer Nanoweb's are all I use. They last forever, and they feel/sound awesome.

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I think you just need to find your own brand.

Keep trying loads of different brands of string.

I like Martin strings for my acoustic.
I tried quite a few different types of strings for my accoustics. I tried some of the most expensive to the least expensive. I asked the store and others, for recommendations. I found that John Pearse Phosphor Bronze Wound 500 XL Extra Light, suit my style of playing the best (http://www.jpstrings.com/brstring.htm#phosbz). I like the thin strings that feel like an electric set. The cost is about mid range, when you buy them at a music store. They sound nice and bright when they are brand new. Although I like the sound more, when they get dirty and mellow a little bit.
Quote by FMNStratGuy
Elixer Nanoweb's are all I use. They last forever, and they feel/sound awesome.

Nothing last for ever unfortunatly.

but I use Elixers as well.
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