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A regrettable sale here, recently made redundant so I have no choice to sell a few things. I love this pedal, and I hate to see it go.

Copy pasta from the official site - http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/707ii/

* 74 Different Effect Types, 10 Effects Simultaneously
The 707II offers 74 different effects, available within eight effect modules,compatible to latest guitar sounds.

Booster Amplifies the input signal to get an overdrive sound
Isolator / Compressor Adjust the dynamics of a specific portion of a tone, or the entire bandwidth of the tone
Drive Pick from several different distortion effects
Four band EQ Boost or cut four frequency ranges-High, Mid-High, Mid and Low
Noise reduction Includes Zoom Noise Reduction (ZNR) and a Noise-Gate
Cabinet Cabinet simulator reproduces the tone of all the great cabinets
Modulation A variety of effects like Chorus, Phase, Pitch-shift, Flange, Wah and more
Delay / Reverb Produces several classic ambient effects

* 30 Types of Drive Sounds + 3 Types of Acoustic Simulation

Thanks to the use of a VAMS(Variable Architecture Modeling System), the drive module contains 10 "personalities" including amplifier modeling. Each personality has 3 styles: Classic, Standard and Modern. Therefore, a total of 30 types of drive sounds are available. Using a dedicated Drive knob and Variation buttons, you can select and change the drive sound anytime. While in Play mode, parameter edit knob #1 is assigned to be the Drive Gain, so that you can adjust the amount of distortion. The drive module also has three Acoustic Simulations, so you can get acoustic tones on your favorite electric axe.

* 120 Kinds of Practical Patches

By combining effects and settings for each parameter, the user can create, edit and store 60 patches. Together with the 60 pre-set patches, a total of 120 patches are available. The Foot Switch can be used to change patches instantly. Using the patch swap function, you can easily arrange patch sequence to match the playlist of a live performance.

* 3 Analog Knobs Offer Easy Editing

When you want to change or create effects, 3 parameters can be modified at once using the analog knobs. You can independently adjust multiple parameters that affect each other, such as the Gain/Tone/Level of the Drive, the Speed/Depth/Mix of the Chorus, or Time/Tone/Mix of the Reverb, simultaneously. While in Play mode these 3 knobs are assigned as follows: 1.Drive gain, 2.Main modulation parameter, 3.Mix balance of Reverb/Delay. You can fine tune these to match any performance condition.

* Built-in Expression Pedal

An expression pedal is built-in. Using a dedicated pedal assignment key, you can easily change its function anytime. Also, different settings for each patch can be checked by looking at the LED indicators. You can adjust and store minmum and maximum value for each patch using the expression pedal for wah-wah, volume, or speed.

Pedal wah-wah
Pedal pitch shift
Speed or Depth parameter
Drive gain
Mix balance of Delay or Reverb
Master volume
Turn the sampler function ON/OFF

* Designed For Live Performance

Zoom's live performance design philosophy is featured at every critical point. The 707II features a large display for patch names, numbers and banks, that is highly visible on a dark stage. Extremely portable, compact, and light-weight the 707II has a dual power supply system for batteries or AC power, a low power consumption circuit that allows for 11 hours of use on alkaline batteries, and easy-to-read auto chromatic tuner.

* Drum Machine Function
60 different rhythm patterns are included. They cover a wide variety of genres, from basic 8- and 16-count beats, to pop and dance rhythms. Inheriting the drum machine technology of our popular RhythmTrak Series, the PCM sound makes it possible to practice using real drum sounds, not just a metronome.

* Sampler Function
Up to 6 seconds of your favorite guitar so unds or musical phrases can be sampled through the AUX IN. Using an optional 32 MB Smart Media card, the sampling time can be expanded to 8 minutes. Using a foot pedal, sampled sounds can be played once, or looped indefinitely. Built-in data storage is 16 bit un-compressed high quality sound. You can slow down the re-play speed of a sample up to 25 percent without changing the pitch--excellent for phrase training.

* Patch-Sync Function
60 effect patches can be linked with 60 drum patterns, and 60 files of sampled sound. You can perform highly sophisticated playing techniques with simple operations, such as changing effects and drum patterns together while playing, or re-playing different sampled sounds with each patch.

* Using Smart Media Cards (optional)

Using a 32 MB Smart Media card as expansion memory, you can store up to 60 files for the sampler and 5 groups of patch memory. Using a Smart Media reader/writer with a USB interface, Smart Media card can also be used as an interface between the 707II and your PC. You can back up data, as well as exchange patches and samples on the Internet.

Copy pasta from a previous review :

Purchase: I bought the Zoom 707 II on the internet from Piedog.com at a cost of £99.00 with a free PSU & Guitar lead, having used the Zoom 505 for some time i decided to upgrade to the 707II
Pros: Not being very technically minded i especially liked the pre-set FX, most of the sounds you are ever likly to need are in there and can easily be tweeked by the turning of a couple of knobs without going into the bowels of the thing and getting a brain overload, the sound quality is excellent and the peddle is a lot of fun, it sits comfortably with amatures and proffesionals alike, it is an excellent price without compromising quality, all togather a very impressive bit of kit.
Cons: The manual looks like it has been taken straight from einstein's blackboard, fortunatly you only have to use it as a last resort as most of the things your going to want to do are so straight forward and easy a "Chimp" could use it.
Quality: At first glance it looks pretty fragile and appears to made out of the same stuff as the 505 unit which i have gleefully abused wickedly over the years so on that basis its really very tough and i have no worries about standing or kneeling on it or even giving it the odd boot as the 505 has suffered many times over the years, so to take all that and more it must be of excellent quality.

Review Summary: If you are considering buying a multi FX peddle then this is the one for you, be you first time buyer or upgrading, its well priced, durable looks cool and sounds great and it would probably do a jig for you if you asked it nicely, what more could you ask for, superb.

Included, is a set of batteries, and a smart media card (not sure what size it is) to record to. I bought it brand new a couple of months ago for £100, so I'm selling it for £60 inc p+p. Sensible offers welcome, and I have good feedback on this forum, I have +3 good trade rep and I have over 20+ feedback on eBay (User - Soothsawyer)

Fender Stratocaster in Red.

It's all I need.

The Anti-Anti-Ibanez Militia!
Sorry, should've added that payment is to be sent via paypal and that the item is in very good condition.


Fender Stratocaster in Red.

It's all I need.

The Anti-Anti-Ibanez Militia!
Sold! Lock this one up please guys!

Fender Stratocaster in Red.

It's all I need.

The Anti-Anti-Ibanez Militia!