Alright guys, I need serious solutions and answers, doubtful i know

So one day I was playing assassin's creed and was watching a cutscene and when the camera angle changed, the screen started flickering loads with weird red and black shapes. The image became distorted, every menu, every screen. even after i quit the game was flickering violently. So i decided to shut the system and thought of it as a temporary problem.
However the next day i returned, by which time i had forgotten about the problem, and switched on my PS3 and the problem was still there: a lot of flickering and weird flashing shapes. I tried changing my AV cables to another AV input on my tv but still the problem persisted.
Anyone experience this before, and know how to solve it? Would be appreciated

tl;dr - My ps3 screen flickers all the time, how do i solve it?