I have A roland cube 20X Combo amp and i saw it has a Recording Out/Phones entery
so i wanted to know if there is any way i can record on my comp through this entery,i mean is there any way i connect this entery to my comp and record songs through it without putting my ****ty microfon next to the speaker ?

i have this thing that converts the regular PL entery to a small PL entery.
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I thnk so but you ned a recording interface, I have cubase and when I tried it I couldn't find a way of selecting the mic input as the input so I dunno.
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You can go from the recording out on the Cube into your computer sound card line-in or mic-in. You'll need an adapter to go from the 1/4" plug on your instrument cable to to a 1/8'.
buy a Lightsnake, it goes from the amp to the computer and they sell it at guitar center/ sam ash
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Bare in mind your soundcards line in might suck, do you have a good soundcard?
i have a normal soundcard not so band i think.
i have the adapter,but i dont understand what i need to connect to it,i have a headset so the mic outpout connects to the amp and the phones outpout connects to the comp ? or what ?
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