Sometimes I play my Electric Guitar unplugged when I don't feel like playing through an amp, (I don't have an acoustic guitar but I want one) it sound quite but I'm usually alone when I do so that's fine. I was wondering does anyone else do this?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for a good acoustic that's around $300 or under?
I do that all the time. Got a 4 yr old brother/close proximity neighbors.

As for the acoustic, just look for something used. I once found an Ovation Celeb. Deluxe for $250 at GC (used obviously) I almost **** myself, but it sold before I could get my assets in order for a purchase.....twas a beautiful insturment though...
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Most of my practise is done with electrics unplugged.

As far as acoustics go, I second the Ovation CC44's (Celebrity models). I've got the CC44S (solid top - regualar 44 has a laminated top) and it's the best acoustic I've found for the money. Then again it is a roundback which is no good if you want a 'full' acoustic (e.g. dreadnought style). Also Ovations have a soft-V contoured neck which will be weird if you're used to modern slim C and U-shape necks.
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I really like the feel of the ovations curved back which I find much easier to hold than a dreadnought.
I think every electric player does this. It's very handy when you get an idea in mind to just strum it through.
$300 acoustic? Cort Earth series has several under that price all solid spruce tops and the electros have Fishman pickups. Hard to beat at twice the price.
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I can't name specific models, but...... I've found Yamaha acoustics to be excellent all down the line, and affordable in the lower end. My son picked up a used one from a "Starter Pack" a couple of years back, and I was VERY impressed with the sound and playability. I've played a lot of them in guitar stores and never gotten a bad one, which I can't say about the cheaper Fenders, Epi's and a few others in the sub-$400 range.
Yeah, I play a lot unplugged. I have a small 15 watt combo, and even that seems to be too loud for the flat, so often I just don't bother plugging in.
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