Has anyone here heard of this band? They'r a really awsome polish metal band-despite the corny name. Hardly anybody seems to have heard of them.
They sound like Children of Bodom but without the keyboards. Their debut album 'Bullet in your head" is amazing.
My favorite songs are: Bullet in your head; Mirror of sins; Judgement,
So check those songs out if you'r gonna check them out-especially the title track.
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They were better as Archeon.

Hey, I was about to say that

I actually asked them about the whole name change deal once via Myspace. This was the response, just for sake of discussion-

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Hm..sometimes we play some of the songs from "End Of The Weakness", so it's not entirely abandoned Generally speaking Archeon was more like a demo thing and after all some things had to be ended. We moved to MoH because we felt it was best for us and to be honest, it turned out to be the most important turning point so far.
Oh god, I tried arguing that Archeon sounded like Children of Bodom, and the other guy just went on and on about they're both their own distinct bands, and they sound absolutely nothing alike.

However, Made of Hate, it sounds like they're trying too hard.
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Why does CoB get hate? I like their music.

CoB are pretty cool, but Made of Hate are little more than a crappy rip off of them.
i really dont understand what is with all the children of bodom hate. but made of hate are awesome