hello there all of you,

thought I'd show you one of my newer songs, been working on this song for a whole day and night without pauses and I tried cleaning every mistake I possibly made up later, but yeah..

check it out if you like, comments/ratings will be highly appreciated, and just say it and I'll crit something back
Fallen angel.zip
Well, this sure have nice melodies and is generally very pleasant. And of course, the cheese factor is extreme, but I never expected anything else.

As a tip, make the last chorus über mega epic with like chrash cymbals, strings and huge walls of distorted guitars, and let that feeling continue into the outro. Then, for the last verse, keep it like it is. That would make this ultra awesome.

Still, 8/10. I love cheese.
Wow...I though that was really good .
Everything worked really good. My favourite parts were the Chorus and Solo 1. But to be honest, I thought it was all amazing . Vocal melody was solid throughout as well.

Only one thing...on the last chorus, I expected distorted guitar to lay down eighth note powerchords to make it more powerful! (it is the last chorus after all ) Could just be personal preference though.

Seriously, great work there.

EDIT: Damn, Gustav beat me to the last chorus thing but I think itd work really well.

EDIT2: I hope you don't mind, I changed the final chorus to show you the sorta thing I had in mind...take a look if you want . I won't be offended if you hate it
file attached
Fallen Angel.zip
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well, thank you very much for the replies guys, nice to see my work is appreciated

anyways, I've taken that advice about the last chorus in consideration, and I'm trying to come up with some stuff to fill it up and make it more epic
that 8th note powerchord thing sounded really great btw, but just for creativity purposes I'm gonna try and change things around a bit on the guitars

I'll post the new version as soon as I've updated it