What kind of set up do you guys use to record?

I have an E-Mu tracker pre interface with a radioshack mic that is surprisingly nice, a cheap walmart mic which I'm not so fond of, and a Nady SPC-25.

I also use Garageband.
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Protools HD
Lynx Aurora 16/HD192
Mojave, Sennheiser, AKG, EV etc mics
Focusrite ISA828 pres
Waves Mercury
Random Rack Gear

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Taylor 712
MBox2 Mini
ProTools LE
Vox ToneLab (guitars)
Behringer BDI 21 (bass)
M-Audio Key Rig 49
ADK A-51
Studio Projects B1
AKG K271 mkII
BFD 1.5
EZ Drummer
A truckload of plug-ins (but I only use a select few)

Various guitars, basses, ukulele...