Hey guys I need some help here to try and figure out what's going on with my amp/guitar. I'm getting a very loud and annoying buzzing sound whenever I use the distortion channel on my amp (Traynor YCS 50). I thought it might have been my pedals but it's still there when i just use guitar->amp. When i turn the volume knob on my guitar all the way down the buzzing goes away completely, but there is a loud sound that sounds like wind coming out of the speaker..is this normal with tube amps? I think the buzzing has something to do with my guitar but I don't know how to figure out what it is. When i touch the strings or other metal parts it does reduce the buzz slightly but it is still quite loud. Now i know some feedback is normal but the buzz i'm getting is so loud when i play with my band if i don't turn off the volume on my guitar we can't talk to each other between songs. It's become a real pain in the ass to deal with and i want it fixed, any ideas what it could be? I'd like to get an idea before i go to a tech cause the only good guy around here charges a lot so I want to be able to tell what i think the problem is. Thanks.
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