its simple all you have to do is hit shuffle on something and name the first 25 songs that come up no lying be completely honest well heres mine

1.ugly kid joe/so damn cool
2.led zeppelin/whole lotta love
3.rancid/union blood
4.aerosmith/sweet emotion
5.aerosmith/last child
6.linkin park/lying from you
7.pearl jam/alive
8.body count/body count
9.judas priest/nightcrawler
11.staind/so far away
12.metallica/master of puppets
13.jet/cold hard bitch
14.testament/trial by fire
15.stone temple pilots/dead and bloated
16.black sabbath/symptom of the universe
17.black stone cherry/blind man
18.body count/there goes the nieghborhood
19.suicidal tendencies/institutionalized
20.slipknot/heretic anthem
21.white stripes/hardest button to button
24.motorhead/iron fist
25.slayer/south of heaven
Me:santana put so much soul into his music

Sister:yeah its like you know how old ladies put love into there cookies santana puts soul in his cookies