This picture shows the tip of my finger, sorry for the poor quality.

As you should be able to see the tip of my finger has a bit of skin that sticks out. This is the same on ALL of my fingers, including my thumbs. This is a problem when playing the guitar. When I am holding down a fret, these bits of skin catch the other string, muting it.

Can anyone help me PLEASE.
It is my dream to be able to play the guitar, but I fear that this will stop me.
Thanks in advance
Im sorry, but you will never be able to play the guitar again. This handicap is just too much of a setback.

But on a serious note, everybody in the world has these. I take it you are only just starting to learn? Eventually you will gain more control of your finger movements and their positioning. All it takes is practice, so dont worry and keep rocking!

I read the first bit, and I was like - What the F**k haha
Yeah I just started a couple of weeks ago, its just its starting to put me off a bit.
You just need to remember that playing guitar is a skill, you cant just pick up a guitar for the first time and be buckethead.

As with all skills, it needs to be learnt through practice, practice and more practice. You just need to become more comfortable with finger movements. But keep at it! Dont give up on the first hurdle.
Absolutely any song will help with finger movements. So anything that you have learned already, just keep practicing it over and over until you can play it blindfolded. Its just the sake of "getting a feel" for the guitar.

Getting to know your major chords will also help if you have not learned them already.