So I just started recording some stuff today and I thought this one came out pertty good, I just want some feedback on my style and my sound, I used a usb mic for a computer so it prolly dosent sound all that great. But I used my Squire with EMGs a valveking 112 and a tubescreamer on the clean channel. It basicaly came off the top of my head, so it might be random in some places.
Any feedback would be nice.

A Squier with EMG's? Hmm...

...well anyways the timing seems fine, everything is pretty sharp but if you're playing blues the idea (usually anyway) is to give it a little more groove. This sounds more like a hard rock rhythm based on blues than a straight blues track. Now that may be what you're going for but if not try and give it some more fluidity. Try to get that rhythm to chug...okay now listening to the end and it seems pretty obvious that you're going for something harder so you may just want to forget what I just said. That explains the distortion...well then that's a solid base, try throwing some melody lines on top of it now.