Does any of you know some good Avant-Garde Jazz?
There seems to be something like that and I like Jazz and Avant-Garde so I became Curious.
Charles Mingus - The black saint and the sinner lady (my all-time favorite album)
Charles Mingus - Let my children hear music
John Zorn/Naked City - Naked City
Eric Dolphy - Out to lunch

Those are big favorites of mine.

Besides these, John Zorn is great and he made a ****load of very versatile records, i've only heard a small percentage but i can also recommend his Masada albums (Klezmer based jazz) besides his Naked City stuff. Even those are plentiful... there's like 20-something by regular Masada, but also Electric Masada, Masada Guitars, i think i've also seen a string trio or quartet CD... i swear this guy must be the most prolific musician in the world. Oh and the Book of Angels CD he made with Secret Chiefs 3 is really nice.

Sun Ra. I like his Atlantis album the most i think.

Another record i really enjoy is Richter 858 by Bill Frisell, it's like a jazzy take on the Bela Bartok string quartets or something.

And i suppose avant-garde jazz often overlaps with avant-garde music that isn't really labeled as jazz... you could call Estradasphere and Orange Tulip Conspiracy avant-garde jazz, because jazz is a big part of their music and they're incredible bands imho. Check those out too if you haven't already.

BTW bewoners van stadjes vlak buiten Amsterdam FTW
Point of Departure, an Andrew Hill record. Check that out.
12 fret fury
Circle the Paris Concert (Chick Corea, Barry Altschul, Dave Holland and Anthony Braxton)

talking about Charlie Mingus I like the Antibes recording and Mingus presents Mingus
I guess there are many different things you could call avantgarde jazz. The Keith Jarrett trio might as well be one of them, check them playing standards.
or Thelonious Monk, or the Miles Davis sextet with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Tony williams
Check out Pharoah Sanders and Jaco Pastorius. And McCoy Tyner's "Guitars" album is a good album although less Avant Garde
"See the Glory Of the Royal Scam"