I have a daisy chain power supply. You know the one that has the long wire that lets you hook like 7 pedals up from just one outlit. Well for awhile now its been making this whinning tone. Like a really high pitched whistle. Well i couldnt figure out what was making the sounds well one day i put my ear up to the plug part of the daisy chain itself and i found the sound is coming from it and somehow going though my amp. I've tried plugging it up to a ton of different sockets and it still does it. so am i doing something wrong or is it broken? also would you suggest getting another one or are they all crap?
it could be a build up of noise in the wire, you could buy a noise gate or a more expensive power supply
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i like visual 1 spot adapters, they are quiet.

and i wouldnt buy a pedal to try to quiet a daisy chain.

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yea i tried using a noise gate but its not a natural noise or anything like that. Im pretty sure somethings wrong with the plug. Maybe im trying to draw to much energy through it?
Wait.. so it's the whole chain making the noise? Like if you unplug a pedal or two does it go away? ...and try unplugging all your pedals individually.
well i noticed the whinning gets lower when i unplugged a few pedals. Thats where i got the idea i was drawing too much though it.
Gotcha. It could be the wall socket or adapter or something. You will probably have to get a different power supply though.
ok thank you i will try that
im sure its not the wall socket cause i moved it around
but i will try a new power supply
MXR DC Brick might work better.

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