So today my drummer texts me and tells me to tell our singer NOT to come to practice anymore, he invited the singer from his old band who also plays guitar to be our new singer. WTF?

1) We're a ska band. I'm willing to play with two guitars, but most of the time it's going to sound muddled and stupid. It's just not necessary for any of our tunes.

2) We play in a 10x10 room. We're a 6 person band. None of us can move at all with our current singer who doesn't play an instrument or require a half-stack amp. Adding another guitar and a half stack is just not possible.

3) My bassist and I are good friends with the singer. We hadn't actually told him he's "in the band" yet, but he's been attending practice and he sounds good with us. Plus he's just a really nice guy and a good singer who we want to move forward with.

4) Mr. Drummer has paid exactly $0 of the rent we pay for soundproofed practice space. Yet he still seems to think it's his band and his decision.

5) Drummer ****s up constantly, so it's really funny to me that he bashes our singer when everybody else likes him.

Just venting.
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Get a better, nicer drummer?

Very tempting as he's caused every single problem we've had so far. The problem is if he bails then the horn players bail, and one of the horn players has paid for a month of practice space.
well if i were you id back the drummer pay rent or kick him out once you found a new one and it keep the singer for a bit longer and see how he turns out but the drummer should really go
Don't hold on to him just because the horn player will bail. Putting up with a weak link in your band to hold onto another player is ridiculous. A band should work as a unit (yes I know there is normally the band leader, but everyone should be able to have their own say and input) and this guy is pushing his weight around.


Yeah, I know it can be hard, but if some one is causing problems then you need to communicate. Let everyone know how you feel and see what everybody else says and work on a solution.

I reckon that if you'd all communicated more effectively in the first place then this wouldn't've happened.

I'd tell him to tell his friend not to come to this practice and then discuss possibly trying him out another time if everyone agrees. I guess that most of the band will disagree from what you've said.

If the drummer goes, through his own decision, or through being kicked out; then let the horn player go if he wants and arrange to pay back any money he has spent on rent. Yeah it's not the best situation to lose a couple of players, but you can look for other players.

In the end, you are meant to be having fun...
^ ya i agree with that dude see if you can work things out first but if the singer is better than the drummer i would choose the singer cause not everyone is as good at singing as they would like to think and you said this guy was already good so he has proved him self unlike the drummer who screws up his parts
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