i play mainly 80's metal like iron maiden, megadeth and metallica. I love the marshall sound(good amps only). i am also a long time Marshall fan, because my favorite guitarist have used Marshalls like Jimmy page, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Randy Rhoads. But each time i hear, or read something about the Carvin amp, it makes me want to get the v3. I want an amp that sounds awesome, but i want something that not everyone has. Both amps have the midi, which is a plus for me. The Marshall 6100 30th anniversary head is used by one of my favorite guitarist adrian Smith of iron maiden. i would be able to get the Carvin v3 for much cheaper price brand new, and the Marshall 6100 used for over a thousand $ that has been used since the early 90's.

i have heard amazing things about each amp, i am leaning toward the V3 only because it is cheaper, and i can get it brand new. Can i get a good marshall type sound out of the Carvin?

also i would be able to play the Carvin v3, but i would not be able to play the Marshall.
you should ask about it on the carvin forums. it would probably help a whole lot more.
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i would go with the Carvin.
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the guy I play with uses a v3 and it is a hell of an amp for the money. I'd go with the v3 and throw an eq infront of it

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i have heard nothing but great things from the carvin, i am just wondering if it will get me a Dave Murray type sound

I've tried a V3 and wasn't really impressed at all.
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In all honesty, i own a V3. As a standalone amp it can do anything, but not necessarily the best if you are going for a specific sound. So if you want versitality, this is your mecca. However that is not to say that you can achieve any tone from this monster. This amp takes pedals very well, having both a series and parallel effects loop. So i would say this amp covers all bases perfectly with a reverb, chorus and overdrive pedal.

Also, if you do get it. It is not an easy amp to use. Its versitality is also its downfall in that it takes time to properly figure it out. I've found the presence knob to actually be a fizz knob. I usually turn the presence all the way down and just turn the treble up for highs. Each controll, the independent channel eq as well as the master eq, are very sensitive and will affect your sound. The 3 channels allows you two have 2 gain and a clean or 2 gain and a low gain, or whatever combination you want. But like i said be prepared to tinker.
Well, I am looking for a tone to call my own, but based on my influences. And they all use Marshalls, especially Iron Maiden my favorite band