This is the signature guitar of Dan Donegan of disturbed. The maya is in near mint condition, as its rarely been played. There are no scratches or dings at all, no fret wear. It was built in the washburn custom shop This is the older neck through body version of the DD70 with duncan distortions. It has 18-1 grovers, locking tone pros bridge, duncan sh-6 neck pick up. A previous owner swapped the bridge pup for a duncan invader, I dont have the original. I have an aluminum hard shell that is included. Im only looking for trades, only for fixed bridge guitars. I'd love an edwards lp, but Im open to any offers.
would you be willing to trade for a discontinued Dan Donegan DD 61. it looks like the red model but its black and silver.
ok thats cool. could u tell me where u got it though? im looking for one
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ok thats cool. could u tell me where u got it though? im looking for one

I bought it used, which I believe is the only way you can get one. These were discontinued, the new DD-70's are pretty different.