For a long time I have been thinking my gear isn't as it should be. But then again I haven't tried that many instruments or amps, so I have been kind of shy when asking questions and feeling insecure about my own judgement. In the store when I bought the Peavey Classic 30 amp, I thought it sounded good, and the same with the guitar (although I had only played guitar for a year then, and bought something I knew wasn't the best and was affordable). I own a Brian Moore 21.13 iGuitar without the midi-stuff. It is priced at about a 1000$, and I got it for 430$ or something, so that's all great. But the point is that even though it is priced high and therefore one would expect it too be decent, it sounds way too trebly and.. I guess that's it. The whole problem is that the sound I end up with, no matter how much i tweak it, is too sharp and trebly. And also the attack/response/don't know what to call it is very loud, as if whenever I strike a chord, I can hear the pick hitting the strings loudly.

Then of course it's the amp, as I said, I liked the sound of the two different times I tried it before buying it. And I have heard sound clips of other people playing it, and heard a lot of great things about it, but it doesn't do it for me. The sound is way too thin and trebly, even when I turn the treble way down on the amp. I figure people will tell me too buy an EQ pedal, or that the bridge pickup (which I use the most) might not be the best option, or of course turn the treble down which I have tried already.

So my question is wether any of you have experienced this problem with the same guitar and/or amp? Is it just that my gear is "known" for being the way I describe it? Once a guitar tech at a show told me my guitar was "very trebly" to use his words, while he was plugging the cable into the JCM 800 I was to use. I guess that's the only additional info I can give you. Again, I'm not after suggestions about buying stuff/getting it checked out in a store - unless you have no clue as to what it might be otherwise!

Hope I made myself clear!

Here is a link to the guitar, the amp I assume is well known :

That MIGHT be it, but I'm pretty sure it isn't a piezo pick-up, because I have as I said before the version without the USB/Midi stuff, and with the fancy version comes a switch to toggle between the piezo and magnetic pick-up. I don't have this switch, but he magnetic pick-ups on the fancy one are "Chrome covered Classic 'iM' Alnico Humbuckers", and since they look alike, and I can't find a reason as to why they would be different, I assume the pick-ups on my guitar are the same.

So does anyone have any experience with this type of pick-up? and of course anything concerning the amp would be appreciated as well.
I have a Classic 50 and it doesn't sound trebly or thin at all (unless of course I turn the treble or presence up to high). I don't have any advice, just thought I'd contribute that.
It isn't my tone knob settings, I'm sure of that.

And thanks for the input on the classic 50.

Is there really no one other than myself that has a Brian Moore that can share their experiences? Or anyone who has had trouble with the Classic 30?
I would have to say it's the guitar. I've played at least 7 or 8 different guitars through my Peavey Classic 30 and none of them seemed thin. In fact it usually has a little more bass to it, if anything, of course it's all how I EQ it. I would say try and get ahold of another guitar or two to test through your amp. If you don't see a difference in sound then it could be something wrong with the amp...on the flipside, if you notice playing another guitar through it sounds fine then you know it's your guitar.
That's what I was afraid of, that I would have to try it with a different guitar. That will be difficult. But at least I have the opportunity to try the guitar with another Classic 30 amp (remembered this first now..). The place my band rehearses, hosts several other band's amps, among them a Classic 30.

Thanks for all input so far, of anyone has had any experience they can share with me from concerning the Classic 30 or the Brian Moore guitar, let me know