what's going on brothers and sisters?? my first post, hopefully I gain some proper insight into this problem of mine. here's the story:

so I just bought a ts9 reissue, completely clean and functional - I had tested it earlier in the day and, though it worked perfectly, sounded like a ts9. knowing how simple the ts9 to 808 conversion was, I went to radioshack and pick up a set of 1/8w carbon film 100ohm and 10k resistors to replace the original 470 and 100Kohm resistors. I have a couple ICs lying around (an RC4558, a JRC, the ts9's ta7558, and one which has practically unreadable text on its top) so there's no issue there.

here's where things pick up - I desoldered the 470 and 100K and soldered the 10k and 100ohm resistors in their place; simple. I then desoldered the original TA7558, soldered the socket and then flipped the RC4558 in. this was it, I touched nothing else. the problem now is the pedal doesn't work (absolutely no signal) while tapped on but lets the signal through while tapped off.

this doesn't make any sense to me. I've posted photos of both the front and the back of the PCB (nothing else was touched). the back looks semi-messy because the 8-pin was a pain to desolder with only my two hands.

look guys, I really appreciate it if you read this - if you know anything that would help me out that would be really good looks. I've been looking for a ts9 for quite some time now. now that I have one, I'd rather it not sit as a paperweight, regardless of how good it looks
Its gonna be related to the soldering you did on the socket for the IC. Im gonna say you arent supposed to have all 4 pins soldered together on 1 side or the other. At least thats the way it looks in the pic, solder bridging pins the 4 pins on each side. Which would connect inputs, outputs, grnd etc.
You've got some major shorts underneath that IC socket. You won't be able to fix it with that much solder there, so you'll have to find a way to remove it: soldering braid or solder sucker. When it is clean, you can try again.
I do have a length of braid I can use..I'll certainly give this a shot and let you guys know whether it allows the signal through.

thanks for the insight my friends
alright groovy..sorry for the span of time between posts, I've had much class lately (summer courses are wicked wretched)

here's what's happened: so I desoldered the IC pins with a desoldering braid as best I could to eliminate the possibility of a short but this does not work. it looks hideous behind there but it is really just superficial/flux. I also switched the two 5% resistors with 1% metal film types, owing the lack of output to maybe wrong wattage rating in the output buffer. ironically, this introduced more noise: when tapped on, instead of no output at all I get a hushed white noise.

I don't get what's happening here. this logic defies me. photos are posted from the job
The trace side of the PCB where the IC is looks like it might be roasted beyond repair. It might be that some of the traces are burned so badly the broke.
this is what I've feared thanks for the quick reply cedric..I think I'm going to send it to keeley for $45. seems like a bargain to me