I've been playing guitar for about 5 months now. I've mostly been playing open chords, bar chords, and the minor pentatonic scale. My plans for the future of practicing are more scales, and some other advanced techniques. That gives you a basic idea of where I'm at so here's my question.

I recently started a band, but the only problem now is that none of us have played our instruments for more then 6 months. I realize there is a lot of "which song" threads, but anyone have recommendations to sync up bands that have never played? Preferably easy songs. One I thought of was White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button. Stuff like that, I'm guessing.

Things I stupidly didn't mention: band is a 3 piece, bass, drums, guitar. We're aiming for classic rock/grunge sound, or possibly punk.
White Stripes are only guitar and drums though. Maybe some Ramones would be good for practicing, and if you want the grungy sound, why don't you just try some Nirvana songs.
try some nirvana drain you/sappy/lithium or w/e else
if you wanna do punk theres i wanna live and blitzkrieg bop by the ramones
and theres last caress by the misfits, helena and rat fink would also be good 2 start, you could also try we are 138 and cough/cool
if you wanna try an easy j-rock song you could do ride on shooting star by the pillows.
all of these are pretty easy, hope i could help
I realize that White Stripes are only guitar and drums normally, but that song for sure has guitar bass and drums. At least, there's a bass tab for it out there. The Ramones are a little fast for us right now. I'd rather play something right slowly then wrong fast.
I'll have to check out some Nirvana tabs. Are there any songs specifically that would be good?
easy punk stuff like ramones, the cramps,... Easy rock stuff like the White Stripes (seven nation army perhaps...) and even Joy Division (try No Love Lost, She's Lost Control,...) if you get a bit better, you could tackle some muse songs (i recommend Showbiz, Bliss and Time Is Running Out) Options enough I'd say, try any 3-piece band, and if you want you could even play Radiohead (if you arrange the guitar tracks to one...), The Strokes (2->1), ...
Oh and btw the White Stripes songs with bass, that's Jack White using a Digitech Whammy to drop an octave (see Seven Nation Army)
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If you want a slow and easy nirvana song i think "polly" would probubly be the best one.
Although if im not mistaken.. the bassist will be bored for half the song and the drummer.. well.. doesnt play anything unless u have him just keep a steady hi hat beat or somethin

(sorry i misread. i thought you were asking in the topic specifically for nirvanna songs >_<
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i just started a band and i have 2 guitars and drums. the best thing to do is know the song. if all of you know the songs like the back of your hand then you will do fine. now for the most important part about playing any song in any band at any gig or show or even just practicing.... play from your ears not your fingers. obviously your fingers are important but play from what you hear not trying to sync. guitar hero is a good example of this. look at the screen to know what the notes are but strum by the music. this marks the difference between a good player and a bad player.
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