Tap Harmonic and sliding??? Not quite sure.
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Well, it LOOKS like he did a whammy bar harmonic. Then maybe he was pick sliding while it was going? No idea. Sweet though.
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Looks like he stomped on something because the pitch altered before any sliding.

I honestly dont think there were any harmonics at all.]

I think he stepped on a whammy or a pitch shifter...Played a note..then He used his Fretting hand as a capo or improvised bridge. That didnt allow the pitch to go below a certain point..and he played above the capo instead of below it..while he used great showmanship for a few slides...and he has some killer sustain.

He also slid with the same Teknik a split second before he did it successfully.
That could have been a cue for the sound guy to engage the effect.

The dive bomb harmonic directly after convinces you that it was a harmonic.
Its kind of like an illusion. Metal Magic Rawkz
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he definitely stepped on a pedal.

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It's a whammy pedal dude.
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