Um no connection hes going be our mascot like eddie, vic rattlehead. But its meant to look childish and relate to the songs hence a monkey with a sniper rifle... Wings would of just looked retarded.
haha cool
it seems to fit your sound for some reason, but i thought it was a mouse D:
maybe if it was colored it would look more like a monkey?
the art conveys a deep emotionality that few bands could achieve with their own. who is the artist. i'd love to thank him for creating a masterpiece. it makes artists like myself almost want to give up design

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very simple, but effective I suppose. Doesn't fire the imagination too much though, like a truly great cover does.
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I done it myself, so those are great compliments thanks lol... Just done the basic drawing in pencil and then went over in vivid its suppose to look childish and really basic but at the same time... Just relate to the song. It takes the idea from eddie from iron maiden just not in such a hard out way, i think were going do all our singles like this...